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Hallo to all this is my Certificate I got in my Collage. In Science Exhibition, for making Robot & Listening Bug. (short info.) me & one of my friends we both got the same certificate for joint work.

ROBOTThe Robot I made can used in day to day life just by making some addition into it. But the main part i.e. work is just for fun! It means it’s the robot which can trace the path of the puzzle or maze. It has two sensors which helps it to move on inside the puzzle walls.By modifying or adding some features we can make it as a toy robot or a device which can help us in our day to day life.Such as we can make the Robot sweep the floor or to borrow a glass of water from the kitchen when we return from outside by a remote control also if we add software into it we can program it for keeping the house clean when we are absent. Also by adding the GPS we can make it work  remotely from outside or from office too.(for more details pl. contact me i'll soon upload a file containing all info. abt. both).

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